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Steve Colby Update

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Ryan Smith is in High Gear

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Pogo Pictures’ Commercial Starring Doritos-loving Goat, Co-Created by Pogo’s Ben Callner and Steve Colby, Dominates Super Bowl XLVII, Clenches No. 1 Spot of All Ads Aired

ATLANTA, GA., Feb. 6, 2013 — With over 108 million people watching, the Pogo Pictures produced Doritos commercial, Goat 4 Sale, co-created by Ben Callner and Steve Colby, aired nationwide during Super Bowl XLVII.


“Doritos was this year’s creative MVP for the second year running, as the hilarious Goat 4 Sale ad earned both the most-liked and most memorable commercial mantles of Super Bowl XLVII,” Nielsen announced today, adding, “…with a Likability Index of 221, the Doritos [Goat 4 Sale] ad has proven to be 2.21 times as likable and 1.38 times as memorable as the average 2013 Super Bowl ad.”

The Nielsen press release went on to say that Goat 4 Sale “captured both the hearts and minds of viewers.”

In addition, Doritos was also the most-mentioned brand in the social media sphere during the game, according to data collected by Attensity Media, as pointed out by Ad Week, who gave Goat 4 Sale high regards. Other media outlets sharing their acclaim for Goat 4 Sale included Business Insider, Huffington Post, Yahoo!, New York Daily News and Fast Company, among others.

The spot also clenched the No. 2 most-engaging and re-watched spot during Super Bowl XLVII, according TiVo Research and Analytics, which ranks the top ten Super Bowl commercials using audience measurement data from 30,000 households with the TiVo® service.

The commercial follows the odd friendship of a man and his new goat that has a voracious appetite for Doritos corn chips. The duo’s commonality — their love for Doritos chips — ultimately leads to the downfall of their friendship. Even before the primetime television premiere during the Super Bowl, Goat 4 Sale had already received national attention from media outlets including CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS, Fast Company, Jezebel and The Huffington Post, and skyrocketed into viral video fame on the internet.

Pogo Pictures directors Ben Callner and Steve Colby co-wrote the Goat 4 Sale spot as a contest entry for Doritos 7th-annual Crash The Super Bowl contest. The inspiration for the spot came when Colby off-handedly mentioned to Callner that his goats munching on things was really funny.

“Steve came in one day and said something like, ‘You know my goats eating food and crunching is really funny.’ And then he just left,” Callner recalls. “Steve is a quirky guy (heck, he has goats and he lives in the city), so when he said this, I didn’t think too much of it. But then he said it again and again and finally followed it with, ‘We should make a Doritos commercial.’ It was seriously as direct as that.”

While this was a side project the Atlanta-based production company did for fun, Pogo Pictures is no stranger to the commercial making process. Colby founded the company in 1999 after his directing and cinematography talents garnered him acclaim in the advertising industry. Including Colby and Callner, Pogo Pictures represents 4 award-winning directors who shoot image-branding commercials for many of the world’s top Fortune 500 companies. Some of their more recent clients include U.S. Marines, Home Depot, KFC and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. In addition to corporate clients, Pogo has done extensive work for the Departments of Tourism in countless states across the US and beyond. Pogo has shot on 5 continents, in over 15 countries and throughout 45 states. Samples of their work can be seen at their website, www.pogopictures.com.

As the winner of the Doritos contest, voted upon by the Facebook community and selected out of thousands of entries, Goat 4 Sale went on to air during the game along with another entry from the competition.


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Pogo Pictures
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Feb 4, 2013 · Feb 6, 2013
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